“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Nietzsche. By that caliber; Antwoinne’s life is not a mistake – he was blessed with the gift of creativity and a love for music that spans back to his childhood days of singing around the house driving his mother crazy. This love for music continues today with his passionate ballads, seductive serenades, and universal feel-good tracks. With that gift also came diversity, which is put on display when he gets on stage and becomes the entertainer, plays the behind the scenes role of songwriter, or even showcases his versatility to rap. With God given talents such as these, even if Antwoinne failed at a shot for the moon he'd still land amongst the stars.

Antwoinne has focused his most recent efforts on establishing the brand of Pen Meets Pad Music, a publishing/songwriting company he founded in March of 2010 in Clinton, MD. The company allows Antwoinne to pursue his true passion of songwriting and expression while also maximizing the opportunities for the songs he has written. Pen Meets Pad Music is undoubtedly the newest source for quality music and lyrics. As a result, the company has had requests for song submissions from artists to include: Trey Songz, Jazmin Sullivan, Day 26, Mya, Jodeci, K-Ci and Jojo, SWV, and Anthony Hamilton.

While being the songwriter and vocalist for his own songs, Antwoinne is still a performer at heart and feels that the best way to garner interest in his material is by performing it live. Antwoinne has performed in various showcases around the DMV area and has collaborated with local artists to include but certainly not limited to: K-Beta, Pro’Verb, Tese Fever, Mina Leon, Venem, as well as House Studio artists and producers. Antwoinne also welcomes additional opportunities for collaboration with artists, so please do not hesitate to reach out if interested.

Antwoinne’s key mission is to make his music fully relatable, and to represent more than the average artist in terms of lyrical content. He aspires to songs that speak to his fans b/c having fans that listen to your music, connect with your words, and feel what you feel, is the ultimate compliment to any artist. Antwoinne's drive and passion for music can be summed up with the following statement: "Music is my love, and a love for music will get you farther than love of money and fame any day.”



Phone: 240-286-1129