Pen Meets Pad Music is a songwriting and music publishing company founded in early 2010. It focuses on the soul of the song, not meaning the genre of music, but the soul as in the connection the song makes, the meaning behind the lyrics, and the quality of the song as a whole. The name itself signifies getting music back to its roots and reestablishing the industry's standard for music. Pen Meets Pad's Creative Director Dwayne "Antwoinne" Perry prides himself in being a writer first, and therefore has a unique perspective into the songwriting world. Pen Meets Pad Music has a global approach in maximizing each song's potential audience and acknowledges that music is EVERYWHERE, so why can't it be your song that's played? Contact us via the Contact Page if interested in any of the following services:

  • Songwriting (Full Songs)
  • Co-writing
  • Music Publishing
  • Copyright Management